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Belinda Landers Jackson


Cloud Conrad

I’m especially interested in artistic and creative things, like silver smithing, landscape design, writing and live music. Oh, and beagles.

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Jeff Bartholomew

I am passionate about helping businesses grow and increasing profitability while improving the lives of the business owner, and their families.

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Lorinda Buckingham

I love family & Caribbean food. My mother was an immigrate from Trinidad & Tobago.I remember the smell of her best dishes as we mapped out my future. I help individuals discover their success blueprint in business & career development.

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Maria Hall

At 14 mths I had my 1st adventure! My family immigrated from Cuba. My parents worked 2 jobs each to sponsor 13 relatives. This taught me responsibility, courage and perseverance. I have 2 amazing kids, 1 dog “Boss” and love the beach!

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Nancy Davis

Although I’m classified under hypnotherapy, my expertise is in EFT, a method of tapping on acupuncture points which relieves emotional and physical pain. One of my greatest joys is seeing a client leave my office stress free and happy.

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Pamela Saunders

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Tamara Stringer

I am an Independent HR professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I focus on helping small businesses (with 2+ employees) by providing HR Consulting and Coaching Services. I speak Spanish as 2nd language!

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Tom Martin

lev·er·age: use (something) to maximum advantage. Here are a few of my “somethings” which can matter when you’re making referrals: ICF coach training, 25+ yrs of sales & management experience, non-profit board leadership,3x cancer surv

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