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Adam Hoyt

I help people save money through replacing shingle roofs when storm damage is discovered.

I love coffee, science fiction, deep conversations and exploring the great outdoors with my amazing wife, three terrific kids and 4 goats.

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Allison Freedman

Austin Plumley


Brandon Favia


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Dave Gasser


Donna Chunglo


When not traveling the world with my husband and two daughters I am on the hunt for the friends I have yet to meet.

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Drake Conner

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Jason Patton


Jeanne Bligh


John Immke

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Madeline Chryst


Nick Barzegar

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Paul McCalla


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Rich Carrozza


Ron Crist

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Scott Goldstein

Creating the Relationship Contractor platform with our Client(s) is such a driving force. Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability separate true intentions… together they build Trust in Our Process.

Tim Brisbane

Tim Brisbane is a young entrepreneur who loves to help people take ownership of their life both physically and financially with a gift that continues to transform people’s lives.

Ward Metcalfe


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