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Andrew Jones Jr.

I’m 6’5″ which makes it easy for me to reach things on the top shelf for my wife, Carrie (who might be 5’2″).
We love Hiking, Camping, and Hosting parties.
We currently live in Temple, GA.

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Buddy Hargus

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Damon Grimaldi

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David Wise

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Duncan Cottrell

I always wanted to make the world a better place. I didn’t know it would be by providing home security and repair. I like to create order out of chaos, and I pay attention to details. I love to dance and kayak on whitewater rivers.

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Eric Gafner

I have always enjoyed how limitless home improvement is. I enjoy travel and being outdoors with my wife and dog. I find customizing homes to be the most rewarding work, and I look forward to sharing that talent with PowerCore.

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Geoffrey Horney

I enjoy visiting Mother Nature whenever I get the chance. From camping and hiking to being on the lake or trail riding in the truck. Spending those moments with family and friends is a highlight for me.

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Shawn Livingston

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Todd Daniel