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Darryl McNeil


Jason Muldrow

With over 20 years experience in the marketing industry I’ve had the opportunity to be of service to both startups and major global brands alike. I am a helper by nature and always up for a good challenge.

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Jill Pullen

I love puzzles, logic problems, mysteries and the Atlanta Braves. I am caregiver for two senior citizens, two rescue dogs and two rescue cats; all of whom are spoiled. My superpower is making every dish for a meal get done at the same time.

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Lisa McGuire

Lisa believes in helping clients achieve more to reach their vision. As a Brand Strategist Certified Business Storyteller, she brings life to their brand and inspires owners to live out the reason they went into business.

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Meka Da'veas

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Melissa Howell

I moved to GA in 2014 after coming down from Michigan on vacation to the town where The Walking Dead is filmed. That first day, I decided that this is where I need to live. 5 goats and 18 chickens later, I love being a Yankee in the South!

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