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Bertram Johnson

I am dedicated and devoted to serve humanities all walks of life. Veteran of United States Navy Aviation Department. Seeker of truth that applies to the destiny of eternal life !

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Carl Querna

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Casey Nix

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Chris Quay

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Donny Bryan

I am a Husband and father to two children. In my spare time I play music in and around the Atlanta Area. Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter for 16 years. Love spending time with my family and friends. I also love freshwater fishing.

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Greg Verjan

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Jack Sheffield


Ken DeRose-Broeckert


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Shane Underwood

When I’m not killing bugs, I’m most likely to be found at a youth sporting event for one of my 3 boys. I enjoy tennis, especially with my lovely wife Lisa. When I have 5 hours to kill (very rare), I can fit in a round of golf.