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Anmarie Smith

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Cooper Ricketts

Been photographing people for the past 15 years. Strong passion for adventure and sharing others stories through photography.

Courtney Goldman

I love crossword puzzles, craft beers, wedding cake, and of course, photography! Iā€™m obsessed with my rescue pups, Brutus and Lola. I overuse exclamation points and my superpower is finding four-leaf clovers!!

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Duane Stork

Kevin Ames

Kevin Ames is a commercial photographer serving corporate and advertising clients.

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Melissa Moody

I’ve been a photographer for 28 years, since high school. I’ve been married for 25 years and have two daughters in college. I love my family, coffee, dogs, gardening, the beach,and running.

Ron Kupferberg

I have been in love with beauty of all kinds, appreciating elements of nature; a fascination for the look, form, and personalities of people; the unique graphic design of product packaging; and the effects of lighting in photography.

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