List of Members in - Video Production

Barbara Berkowitz

I’m a task-master. I keep the trains running on time. When not managing video production workflow at Capocus! Studios, I enjoy being a mom to our Great Danes and reading everything I can get my hands on.

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Erin Goodier

I have been working as a professional videographer for 6 years now. You will be my favorite person if you give me a good restaurant or movie recommendation. Fun fact: I met my now-fiancé, Tony, while on our college fencing team.

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Evan Williams

I’m always out taking the scenic route somewhere, probably with a camera in hand. I love new places and new faces, and all the stories left to tell.

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Jennifer Pradhan

I love animation and storytelling of all kinds. I’m the type of person to watch a movie and then again with director’s commentary. If it’s a creative art, I’ve dabbled in it. I’m a martial artist of Taido for 15 years and counting

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Joe Massingill


Mohua Thakurta

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Zac DeDominicis