List of Members in - Video Production

Barbara Berkowitz

I’m a task-master. I keep the trains running on time. When not managing video production workflow at Capocus! Studios, I enjoy being a mom to our Great Danes and reading everything I can get my hands on.

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Erin Goodier

I have been working as a professional videographer for 6 years now. You will be my favorite person if you give me a good restaurant or movie recommendation. Fun fact: I met my now-fiancé, Tony, while on our college fencing team.

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Jennifer Pradhan

I love animation and storytelling of all kinds. I’m the type of person to watch a movie and then again with director’s commentary. If it’s a creative art, I’ve dabbled in it. I’m a martial artist of Taido for 15 years and counting

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Mohua Thakurta

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Paul Szell

I love telling stories using video! I use my 25 year career as an engineer to create processes that take the mystery out of video and leave the viewer wanting more!

Tim Limson

Video Producer with expertise in video/audio production, editing, motion graphics, and much more.

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Zac DeDominicis