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Equally excited about learning and personal growth as snowboarding and motorcycling. My mission is to shine the light of awareness on our unlimited potential and convert it into unstoppable power.

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Professional: Precise – Respect

At the outset of any client relationship I feel it’s important to set expectations so the client knows exactly what’s going to happen and how.

If a breakdown occurs the client should be contacted as soon as possible, the issue acknowledged and a solution proposed, as well as a plan to avoid the issue in the future, if appropriate to the situation.

Acknowledge the situation and how it impacts the client, propose a solution, verify the client is satisfied with the plan, and commit to the process moving forward.

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I help entrepreneurs feeling imprisoned by their successful business to solve the question of Scale or Bail, gain clarity, and transform limiting thinking so they can stop coasting, take decisive action and smash the accelerator.

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