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Aaron became a spiritual warrior after September 11, 2001. He practices the life coaching techniques of Tony Robbins et al, Stoic philosophy, 12 Step and Yogic spirituality. He’s a YogaBeast!

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You don’t actually have to be certified to be a yoga instructor. However, we have industry standards, or at least there are a couple organizations that are standardize teacher trainings, improve requirements, institute minimum teaching and continuting education requirements and in general raise the level of competence in order to be what is called “a yoga teacher” or “yoga instructor”. I call myself a “coach”.
Yoga Alliance is the largest and most globally recognized organization holding individuals to minimum standards. This was not always the case. The Industry standards (set by the industry) are reletively new because Yoga, as an industry, is relatively new.

These required standards to be certified by Yoga Alliance are taught in all teacher training.

Having achieved and maintained teacher standards keeps me on my toes. The standards require me to continue my own yoga practice. I know teachers who teach 20 classes per week. That leaves no time for a personal practice. Continuing education is required personal practice to expand my knowledge of yoga and maintining this benefits me.

This benefits my clients because they can have confidence in my teaching. You don’t want a teacher that doesn’t actually practice. Additionally, they have a place to view my cradentials and continuting education. Where I teach, how much I teach. I am constantly practicing myself, educating myself on the aspects I need more knowledge in. Maintaining these standards, benefits my customers.

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Arjuna Yoga teaches both personalized and group yoga practices. Primarily teaching the practice of Yin Yoga to restore health to the body and mind through deep restorative stretching. Both physical and 12 step classes available.

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    Arjuna Yoga
  • 243 Hope Street
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30064
  • Phone: 678-468-9867
  • Website: Http://ArjunaYoga.life/

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