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Married to my best friend and soul mate.
When I am not playing with some new tech device, My wife and I are spending time with our fur babies. I love working in my yard and making new friends.

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When SLT Tech onboards a new client, we always make sure their data is protected. We accomplish this with a complete analysis that MUST answers the following questions:
1.) How many places does the client store data?
2.) Who has access to any of these locations?
3.) How often is that data backed up?
4.) Where is the data backed up?
5.) Verify the data is backed up!

This essential process gives the client and SLT Tech the comfort of knowing we can recover form and data disaster.

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Company Profile

SLT is a technology partner that works with your business. We help our clients navigate the world of technology. Our mission is to find the right IT solutions that servers your needs.

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    SLT Tech LLC
  • 3014 Mulberry St
  • Marietta, Ga
  • 30066
  • Phone: 404-538-0056
  • Website: https://slttechga.com/

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