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I specialize in Office / Warehouse & Retail Buyer / Tenant Representation. I only represent the Tenant or the Buyer. I’ve always brought a dedicated and aggressive approach to assist my client(s) in making their most advantageous decisions

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  • Phone: 770-365-3328
  • Team: Alpharetta
  • Introduced by Jay Bell
  • Joined on 09/15/2009

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Take Initiative

I like this question, because it goes to the heart of why I enjoy what I do so much. Anybody can take offers back and forth, but to truly help you have to step up and fight for your client.
In my business, I routinely cross of whole paragraphs, or write suggested changes to leases which are proposed to my clients, to get them more benefits, or to limit their liability, personally.
I am proud and enjoy taking the extra step for my client.

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Company Profile

As a Tenant-Only firm, our entire focus is on the Tenant side of the table and have no divided loyalties. We are a Commercial Real Estate company who specialize in Tenant & Buyer Representation / Advocacy. Please consider referring us.

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