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I specialize in Office / Warehouse & Retail Buyer / Tenant Representation. I only represent the Tenant or the Buyer. I’ve always brought a dedicated and aggressive approach to assist my client(s) in making their most advantageous decisions

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  • Phone: 770-365-3328
  • Team: Alpharetta
  • Introduced by Jay Bell
  • Joined on 09/15/2009

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My clients are referred to me, because they need help with their business space needs.
One of the 1st things we go over with our new client, is how the “system” works. Questions such as: What is included in my rent? Can we leave early (before the lease is up)? If it is a Retail space, do I have to be open every day? come up, and we will give them our answers, based on over 30 years in the Commercial Real Estate field.We provide professional services that every business owner needs when leasing or purchasing their own commercial real estate space.
Frankly our checks and balances are how often those same clients refer us more clients (their friends and colleagues) , based on their experience working with us.

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As a Tenant-Only firm, our entire focus is on the Tenant side of the table and have no divided loyalties. We are a Commercial Real Estate company who specialize in Tenant & Buyer Representation / Advocacy. Please consider referring us.

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