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I love being outside and my two dogs. Insurance is the vehicle I use to help change people’s lives. I have always enjoyed giving. I also love reading and competing.

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  • Phone: 6786284205
  • Team: Paulding
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  • Joined on 1/15/2020

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Create the Future

Feed Forward questions can be extremely beneficial. A few weeks ago I was giving a seven minute presentation on boat insurance. One of my team members asked me a very simple question, “what do you do to make sure the value you are covering a boat at is accurate?”

With this new perspective, I went down an entirely new path with my one minute presentations that included Claims and how we value vehicles and other items. Because of an experience one of my team members neighbors had with a claim in the past, I was referred and was able to fill out a We Did Business slip.

Feed forward questions can be great! It is always nice to hear from someone not in your field.

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  • InfoMinute Seminar
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    The Wheeling Agency - Farmers Insurance
  • 49 Hosiery Mill Rd Ste 111
  • Dallas, Georgia
  • 30157
  • Phone: 678-628-4205

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