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My favorite trip was to Ireland with my husband. We explored the isolated country side filled with castle ruins, churches, cemeteries and keeps. I love to explore new places, learn about history and spend time with my family.

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Accurate: Increase the Distance

As an architect, many of my projects take longer than a year. For the residential client, that is going to feel like a very long time regardless of how quickly we resolve the design, produce the construction documents and navigate the permitting process. For some commercial projects, this can take a couple years, especially if we have to change zoning, land use or pursue special exceptions with a city board.

But, I’ll share my furthest project to date, literally, was a couple years ago in Rome Italy. It was a design-build contract for the American Embassy. It took over a year from start to finish making sure we followed construction codes local to Rome, spent time matching materials to keep the changes appropriate to the historic structure and met security protocol.

Architecture requires a lot of patience and worthy of time to make sure it is done right. No one wants to spend hundreds of thousands to get a rushed product.

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My clients understand that a well crafted design takes time and thought. I draw from their imagination to define a scope of work, to visualize the finished product and connect them with construction professionals to make the dream real.

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