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My favorite trip was to Ireland with my husband. We explored the isolated country side filled with castle ruins, churches, cemeteries and keeps. I love to explore new places, learn about history and spend time with my family.

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When working on design concepts with my clients, scheduling timely meetings is extremely important to meet deadlines. Deadlines could be self imposed by the client or may be driven by board’s application date like a variance or historic review. Submitting for a variance or historic board could take three months and in town cities like Decatur currently have a two month permit review back-up. Many of my clients don’t realize this when talking deadlines plus consideration for timely decision making. Therefore, I will reach out to schedule meetings in advance which gives me a deadline to prepare for, organizes my schedule and let’s the client know when we will be talking next. As my schedule and a client’s can become a couple weeks out, it is really important to communicate meeting times or deadlines will be missed.

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My clients understand that a well crafted design takes time and thought. I draw from their imagination to define a scope of work, to visualize the finished product and connect them with construction professionals to make the dream real.

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