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My favorite trip was to Ireland with my husband. We explored the isolated country side filled with castle ruins, churches, cemeteries and keeps. I love to explore new places, learn about history and spend time with my family.

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Once Upon A Time …

I was part of a women’s networking group in Sandy Springs which my cousin’s wife recommended to me. Sandy Springs is not only inconvenient to my location, but the mid day weekly lunch ruined opportunities to be productive.

After a year and few referrals, another member, Amy Yarkoni, mentioned she’d be joining another networking group called Powercore. I loved there were multiple teams, over 600 members (not 60) and was a mix of men and women.

I visited two locations and loved the Candler Park team for the warm reception I received. I joined immediately.

I’ve been there five years and have had great success in the Powercore community.

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  • 3 year
  • TeamCoOrdinator
  • ParticipationCoOrdinator
  • MembershipCoOrdinator
  • Coach
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  • InfoMinute Seminar

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Company Profile

My clients understand that a well crafted design takes time and thought. I draw from their imagination to define a scope of work, to visualize the finished product and connect them with construction professionals to make the dream real.

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