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Amy has worked at Renasant Bank
since 2013 and has over 30 years
banking experience. She is the Branch Manager of Haynes Bridge office on Haynes Bridge. She is a graduate of LCCC with a degree in Merchandising and Marketing.

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  • Phone: 678-777-8618
  • Team: Milton
  • Introduced by Mark Weiss
  • Joined on 07/18/2014

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It’s Easier For Each Other

Count three to my left.
This information is for Kelly Waits with Corporate Payroll.
My suggestion for a 7 minute topic for Kelly would be to share how she was able to move a difficult customer that did not want to let go of the control of doing their own Payroll. It is a control issue that they just don’t want to let go. I think this is important because in the referral process we could share how she was able to transfer a client that just did not want to let go of this process. Many business owners are unable to see the savings in the long run by having their payroll completed by Corporate Payroll. An effective hand-off would be something we could share with our referrals for them to see there is not just a fee for this service but they will reap many other benefits by not completing the payroll themselves.

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Company Profile

Renasant Bank is a 115 year old bank out of Tupelo Mississippi with a history of strength and a great story to tell. Renasant Bank has more than 170 locations throughout the Southeast. Contact me for more information. 770-753-2300

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    Renasant Bank
  • 9925 Haynes Bridge Rd
  • Suite 100
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30022
  • Phone: 770-753-2304
  • Website:
  • Fax: 678-893-4652

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