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The industry norm for analyzing an investment portfolio is measuring what percentage of stocks and bonds a client owns in order to identify how much risk a client is taking. The higher the percentage of stocks, the larger the amount of risk.

I learned this during the early stages of my career and it was reinforced in the Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum.

I use this every day when having to quickly answer questions on the fly about my clients’ portfolios: if i have little time to prepare for a call with a client he/she requests, I use this metric as a quick measure of how we are positioned and as a starting point for building recommendations.

In the face of complexity, I have found that clients prefer simplicity. It’s easy for my clients to grasp a pie chart shaded with yellow and blue and determine where they are on the portfolio risk spectrum. If they are feeling particularly uneasy when we review the percentages of stocks and bonds, it’s a great way for us to explore what the options are moving forward to help align their portfolio with their tolerance for risk.

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