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I’m 6’5″ which makes it easy for me to reach things on the top shelf for my wife, Carrie (who might be 5’2″).
We love Hiking, Camping, and Hosting parties.
We currently live in Temple, GA.

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  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by Nancy Halsema
  • Joined on 09/18/2013

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The Seed of How (behavior)

My best client ever is “Tony.

Tony lives in a newly built house in Buckhead and drives a late model black SUV. He officiates Men’s NCAA tournaments.

Tony’s projects are varied. Sometimes I’m adding a shelf or changing a light fixture, other times I’m hanging sports memorabilia or putting together furniture.

He is very easy to work with and variety is the “spice of life”!

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  • Carrie Jones

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Company Profile

We provide professional home repair and improvement services including wood rot repair, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and the ability to rent a handyman for a day to complete projects around the house.

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    The Trusted Toolbox
  • 3221 Hill St NW
  • Ste 106B
  • Duluth, GA
  • 30096
  • Phone: 770-623-3097
  • Website:

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