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If I am not talking about pressure washing, then I am talking about dogs! Either my rescued pup, Eliza, or raising money & awareness for BarkTown Dog Rescue. If I am silent assume I reading the latest Harlan Coben book


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Better Together: Until the Glue Sets

As a pressure washing expert I know how easy it is to quote, clean and wait for a client to call again when their property is dirty, but this doesn’t add value for my clients.
When providing new clients with a quote I explain to them why certain areas of their property get dirty faster.
I talk them through my cleaning process, so they know what to expect.
Before I leave my customer I give them a Thank You gift and, to help my clients prolong the clean, I supply them with free samples of products that help keep their property clean for longer.
This is when the clamps can come off. It may same counterproductive to give my clients a product and knowledge that means they need me less often but the “glue” has set at this point, in other words I have a built a strong relationship of trust with my clients. These are the clients that repeatedly use my services, write positive reviews online and recommend me to friends, colleagues and their HOA Board.

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Company Profile

Family Owned and Operated Pressure Washing Company, with the capability to handle small residential to large commercial projects and everything in between.

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    Enhance Power Washing, Inc.
  • 821 Dawsonville Hwy Ste 250-248
  • Gainesville, GA
  • 30501
  • Phone: 678-713-1730
  • Website:

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