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When I am not helping my clients understand the basics of their insurance policy, I am cuddling up on the couch with my cat and a glass of wine.

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  • Phone: 770-696-8407
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Row Markers Save Time

I have a client who had a huge increase on their auto policies. They were shopping around for a better premium. After I ran quotes for him, he told me that there were 3 other companies that came close or lower than mine. I asked him to send me the quotes and provided a chart comparing coverage and premiums between all the quotes. I really enjoyed going over the differences with him and showing him the value he would get for an extra $75 annually. He agreed that my quotes provided more coverage than the others and felt comfortable with his new policies that provided more coverage for less than his prior policy.

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I’m your advocate when it comes to insurance.I represent your best interests.Whether its helping you understand your policy, helping with your renewals, or talking you through a claim you can always ask for someone by name.No 1800 stranger

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