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Out of the box thinker who navigates 10 steps ahead. I lead by example. It is exactly why I am with CalChoice. Their money and my money is invested in the same companies we share with our clients. Why? – We share strategies that WORK!

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Accurate: Precise

I have always been a big picture person. While I may speak with my clients about long term insurance vision, I know that getting them there is about numbers. I pay extra attention on the details of their current needs, upcoming expenses, travel or challenges to make sure the life insurance serves them today, ten years from now and even 30-40 years from now. That extra precision is what makes my clients feel comfortable purchasing their protection.
I make sure that they have the insurance they need when they need it most.

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We educate people how to win in bad economic times utilizing our PHILOSOPHY & INVESTMENT DIRECTION. We will show people how to create a TAX FREE RETIREMENT with our PRIVATE RESERVE ACCOUNT MAX.

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