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Registered U.S. patent attorney (and former engineer) having more than 25 years of specialized experience in the protection, disposition, and enforcement of U.S. and international intellectual property rights.

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  • Phone: 770-847-9367
  • Team: Sandy Springs
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Stability: Straight Edge

In a word, I try to be a “shield” to help my clients fend-off unexpected blows to their businesses. How does that work?

Initially, clients come to me seeking intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright) -related legal services. What I’ve noticed, though, is that clients really want someone they know and trust—on a personal level—to understand their business and to have their backs in an objective, sophisticated, rational, informed, and transparent way.

How do I help fill this need? I believe I’m somewhat unique amongst IP attorneys: I’ve been a practicing engineer in a large company; I’ve been a multi-time business owner; I’ve practiced law in fields beyond pure IP; I’ve served on diverse Boards of Directors; and, I’ve frequently mentored other professionals, in and out of my field. Each of these experiences allows me to identify potential problems, to bring those potential problems to the management team for early consideration, and to make recommendations for cost and time -effective solutions, (hopefully) well before something minor can turn into a crisis.

Of course, my effectiveness depends, in no small part, on the degree to which clients are willing to involve me in the day-to-day operations and details of their businesses. Those clients who most frequently take advantage of my diverse skill set, experience, and knowledge really seem to appreciate my efforts in acting as a resource, a sounding board, and a trusted “partner” to help them uncover blind spots and to offer gap-filling resources, referrals, recommendations, and assistance. All of this can help my clients “shield” and keep their businesses as safe and secure as possible.

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Company Profile

Representing intellectual property -centric clients across a wide range of industries and technology sectors. Experienced counsel, providing exceptional work product, practicing exclusively in patent, trademark, and copyright law.

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    Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC
  • 2310 Peachford Road
  • Dunwoody, Georgia
  • 30338
  • Phone: 770-847-9367
  • Website:

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