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I’m a patent attorney, a former engineer, and a recovering introvert; an open source software advocate; a collector of pens, yo-yos, and fine bourbons. I can groom a dog, build a computer, write some code, and slice veggies paper-thin.

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  • Phone: 770-847-9367
  • Team: Sandy Springs
  • Introduced by Jeff Veal
  • Joined on 02/08/2018

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See Their Strength

As the managing doctor for AICA’s expansive, multi-location, chiropractic and medical practice—one of the largest such practices in the State of Georgia—Dr. Shawn Bisacco has exceptional business and personnel administration skills. From my interactions with Dr. Shawn, I have come to appreciate how much the growth of their practice has depended upon his keen business insights and savvy judgment.

Dr. Shawn says that the keys to their success came from taking the “speed bumps” out of the patient experience. They cultivated trusted referral sources. They provided more kinds of services, so that they didn’t have to refer patients out, and so patients could get what they needed faster and in one trusted place. Over time, they expanded with more locations. Their practice exploded when they got their first MRI, and now they have four!

With his business and organizational accumen, and with his compassionate, patient-oriented demeanor, Dr. Shawn would make an excellent Team Coordinator.

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Company Profile

My best clients are innovators, creators, and branding gurus. They want to get ahead of the competition–and stay there. You’ll see the fire in their eyes as they tell you about their work! I protect their most important new developments.

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    Kaplan Intellectual Property Law, LLC
  • 2310 Peachford Road
  • Dunwoody, Georgia
  • 30338
  • Phone: 770-847-9367
  • Website:

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