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I moved to Atlanta over 20 years ago. After 18 years running restaurants I moved into the insurance field in 2017. I am married with 2 kids. My son, Asher, is two and my daughter, Camille, is almost one. I am a huge Florida State fan.

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As an insurance representative most of my business comes from referrals. Those people that refer clients to me are the guides. They are the ones telling people how I do business and will take care of them. The walk through for me is sitting down with a client or talking on the phone and explaining all of their coverages to them. The worst thing that can happen is someone buys insurance from me and has no idea what they bought. I like to think that my clients are very comfortable with me. I talk to people and explain things to them as a client, not as an insurance agent. What I mean by that is that I try not to use industry lingo that only I understand. I also want them to know that it’s okay not to understand insurance. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to educate more so than anything. If you leave my office with a better understanding of insurance then I have done my job.

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