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I love the riveting world of insurance. I specialize in providing high value insurance options for a variety of clients. My main focus is on auto, home and liability protection. Thanks for checking out my bio!

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Professional: Precise – Respect

Having hard conversations is an unfortunate part of many people’s business. In my world it could be a premium increase or finding out that a loss is not covered. In any case my tactics are simple. Tackle it head on and immediately after getting all the details. This shows the client that this is a priority for me, and I want to find any available solution for them. Lastly, it’s always face to face or by phone. Never, ever, ever, is hard news delivered by email.

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Company Profile

We are a full service insurance agency helping our clients with home, auto, life, health, and small business insurance. Let us know how we can help you!

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    Haven Insurance Group
  • 4062 Peachtree Road
  • Suite A #265
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30319
  • Phone: 770-852-0378
  • Website:

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