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Beth has 3 children and 4 grandchildren living up north in New York. She likes playing golf, hiking & seeing new sites. Having moved here just over a year ago, she looks forward to meeting people and experiencing the “Southern”lifestyle


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I have worked hard at practicing what I preach. I tell others how important it is to build relationships by sending a tangible touch. No sales tactic, send a card with a personal picture of something they posted on Facebook. This is special and they feel special when they receive it. They don’t throw it away and it puts you top of mind. I didn’t practice this the first few years, but I am doing it out of habit now and I’ve seen the results that I tell others they will experience. I am not talking empty words to get a sale.

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Company Profile

Great relationship marketing system designed for building relationships. Providing a tangible touch that adds value, strengthens relationships & generates referrals.

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