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Beth came to Georgia 3 years ago. She enjoys meeting people and discovering who they are. She enjoys playing golf and watching football. Loves her family and friends. Would like to expand her social circle.

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I consider a person to be on base when they have accessed my website on their own or with me. They have sent the free card and know how easy the system is to use. They intend to use the system and have signed up on the enhanced account with a monthly fee of $17. The “time” it takes to get to this base is not something I take into consideration. Time varies dependent on each individual person. The question is, will they stay on first base or work their way around to home plate?

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  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar

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Company Profile

Great relationship marketing system designed for building relationships. Providing a tangible touch that adds value, strengthens relationships & generates referrals.

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