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Father of 4 daughters, originally from Cleveland, OH, my family and I are new to the Atlanta area after 25+ years in DC where I was a political consultant and management consultant before transitioning to this new challenge.

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  • Phone: 202-390-5488
  • Team: Woodlawn
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  • Joined on 03/06/2019

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Continuity: A Chisel has to be Sharpened

My open-ended question to be asked is generally going to be “beyond keeping the lights on, paying the bills, etc., what are the priorities for the business/company/organization in the near term as well as on the longer term?” To which comes a wide range and often unexpected set of responses.

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Specializing in Profit Recovery thru Cost Reduction in telecom, merchant services, small-package shipping, & waste. We are not vendors of these products or services, which means we don’t sell to you. Our fees are entirely self-funded.

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