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Insurance is unlike a physical product or a service you receive. It is basically a promise to pay if a list of perils happen to you, your stuff or your business. It is hard to see the value in insurance if all you do is write checks and have never file a claim. In our business “you get what you pay for” is very true. As for me, we can be a Bic, Schaefer or a Mont Blanc, although most of the time I am like a Schaefer. As an insurance professional for 20 years my job is to educate my clients on what is and is not covered, and the right program to protect their business. I need to point out what is and what is not covered in each policy. Maybe you start with just General Liability so you can lease your space, but we can’t stop there. What about mechanical breakdown? Glass? Hiring empolyees? What about errors and Omissions? It may seem like we have a never ending list of policies to sell, but that is because policies are so specific in what is and is not covered. When a claim occurs, not if but when, that is where my value will become evident. I am basically the one who will create the value and hopefully my clients will see they made the best choice by hiring me as their business insurance agent.

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    Williams, Turner & Mathis Agency
  • 2009 Montreal Rd
  • Suite B
  • Tucker, GA
  • 30084
  • Phone: 678-951-1382
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