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I started my Allstate Agency in 1999 in VAHi/Morninside area of Atlanta. I joined Powercore about a year and a half later.

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Posting this for Tom Bunch of Tom Bunch HVAC

From: Tom Bunch [] Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2018 11:54 AM
To: Kelly, William H.
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Referrals are easy for me. My customers call the office all the time,and ask us do we install Hot waters heaters and of course we don’t so we refer Dale Johnson on the Decatur team or a Power core handyman in the geographic area. Sometimes the customer doesn’t have electric panel large enough to add Air conditioning, or like this week a customer had squares of sheet rock cut out and needed Richard Chalmers to repair the sheet rock and paint. My girls at the office has a Rolodex with people we recommend without me being present.

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Allstate is the largest publicly held insurance company in America.

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