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Physical Therapist with board certifications in orthopedic physical therapy(OCS) and strength and conditioning(CSCS). Also certified as a level I Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional.


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Professional: Precise – Respect

In my line of work as a physical therapist, situations arise on occasions where a patient’s particular problem is not likely to be resolved by physical therapy or physical therapy alone and warrants further intervention by another healthcare specialist. It is in these scenarios, that I address the nature of the problem with the client to educate them on what is going on with their body and why this particular injury may not be best resolved with physical therapy. I then allow for them to ask me as many questions as necessary until they feel comfortable with the diagnosis and set them up with a referral to another provider or specialist that will be able to assist them in achieving their goals. I know that I can’t fix everything, but I have a good network of doctors and other health care professionals at my disposal to still help my client get to where they want to be.

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Working with Golfers and Tennis players for injury prevention, golf/tennis fitness and wellness, and injury rehabilitation with concierge service that comes to you. Also available to non-golfers and tennis players.

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    Dynamic Swing Performance
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