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Born and raised in Marietta ,Ga.I Got married at 17 and hit the pavement running. Started my own business at 25 years old and never looked back. Love my industry and love meeting new people everyday! God first, family 2nd, back to business!


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Accurate: How Do They Know

In the flooring industry we have 2 ways of measuring 1 by the old school tape measurer and 2 the new and improved laser measurer. The laser measurer works great, efficient and very fast. However my old school tape measure does not require batteries to give me my measurements. I keep both on hand at all times because you never know when you will need one or the other. I tend to use my laser measure the most because people in general are keeping tighter schedules. So the laser measure benefits my customers and their busy schedules most of the time unless of course it runs out of batteries and I have to pull out my old faithful tape measure. This referral trigger reminds me a lot of my company we mix a little old school with the new school and get something really cool like us Brakenridge Floors! B-Floored today!

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Brackenridge floors is a 5 star flooring company. We specialize in Hardwoods, laminate, Carpet, Tile, LVP, sand & refinishing hardwood. We are a family owned business that gives quality service with quality results. B-FLOORED Today!!!

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    Brackenridge Floors
  • Phone: 770-990-7532

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