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Born and raised in Marietta ,Ga.I Got married at 17 and hit the pavement running. Started my own business at 25 years old and never looked back. Love my industry and love meeting new people everyday! God first, family 2nd, back to business!


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In the flooring industry its usually standard to get 3 quotes. I love when this happens because it gives the customer a true chance to see the difference in what B Floored Today has to offer vs my so called competition. My quality and passion gets high lighted vs the rest. I show my customers how I truly care vs the last sales guy they seen who just wants to make his commissions. I want to make a everlasting impression with my client that they will never forget! Please I beg you get other quotes and I’ll be back next week to sign a contract and talk dates and times to start. 😀

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Brackenridge floors is a 5 star flooring company. We specialize in Hardwoods, laminate, Carpet, Tile, LVP, sand & refinishing hardwood. We are a family owned business that gives quality service with quality results. B-FLOORED Today!!!

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    Brackenridge Floors
  • Phone: 770-990-7532

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