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For the majority of my clients that I prospect door to door I am the initial guide in greeting them and setting them up for a roofing inspection. I make sure they have a brief overview of the process and more specifics on the next steps. My clients after I have serviced them in their roofing needs them become my guides to future referrals. Ensuring they have a smooth experience, with high communication throughout the process help with explaining the service to their friends and family who are my future clients. By giving them the details of the process upfront, and following up with them throughout the process give them a sense of comfort with dealing with their usually largest asset.

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As a premier roofing company in Atlanta specializing in residential and commercial roofing services, we are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none. Whether you have a new construction project or need to replace an o

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    Glam Roofing & Contracting
  • 202 Hampton Street
  • McDonough, GA
  • 30253
  • Phone: 678-523-5701
  • Website:

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