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When i am not helping clients close on their new home i spend as much time as i can with my 4 year old sister. With the age difference she is like my own. I’m a huge fan of travel. I actually have a travel bucket list that keeps me busy!

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Continuity: A Laser has to be Calibrated

As a mortgage lender I often ask my clients who do you use for your insurance insurance? I generally always tell them to get a second opinion as I do have relationships with different insurance agents and I know they can gove lower quotes ( most of the time) Also another recommendation that I always tell them to get is of course a home inspection. I do have certain clients say “no I think I’m gonna skip the inspection because I don’t want the extra cost”. I always advise against this as a home inspection can save you tons of money in the long run. So no matter what I always recommend someone to try to better serve them in the long run and especially for a first time home buyer’s who aren’t sure where to start!

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