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At first glance, you might not suspect that I’m bilingual in Spanish/English. I’d be happy to teach you a few phrases! I enjoy hiking, dance and a good laugh. My clients enjoy all the stories!

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  • Phone: 770-862-6316
  • Team: Perimeter
  • Introduced by Tami Burr
  • Joined on 03/01/2018

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Often times, people are surprised that we help people understand their rights and options under Medicare. Typically, insurance brokers for small businesses don’t dabble in Medicare because it requires a lot of time and attention to compliance regulations. However, I have 5 years of experience and I enjoy talking with my clients! In order to make sure new groups know about our service, we typically mention it during the quoting process or yearly at their renewal. Some group medical plans are not Medicare complaint – so it’s an important consideration when it comes to an employee’s long-term financial solvency.

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  • InfoMinute Seminar
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Company Profile

I offer a unique quality rarely seen in the Insurance Brokerage World. I focus on service and organic growth. I want to show you so much value that it’s impossible not to talk about me! Group Benefits, Individual policies, and Medicare.

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