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I really enjoy college football, tailgating, lake days, playing pick-up basketball and most of all playing sports with our children.

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A FeedForward comment from a 7 Min Presentation said “I didn’t know a dysfunction from one part of your body could effect another part of your body. I thought I’d explained that over the past several weeks. Obviously I wasn’t explaining it correctly.

I immediately began to make every conversation about someone else and not about our company to relate what we do to the individual. I also began to get more detailed in my narrative in my Info Minute to provide more clarity.

Lastly, I used more visuals and questions to get team members involved during my next 7 Min Presentation and the while making the presentation about them and the people they know.

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Chronic pain interrupts your life and robs productivity. Treating pain symptoms only masks the real issue. Egoscue clients get it: they get to play golf again and sit in their chair at work without pain by treating the root cause.

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    Egoscue of Atlanta
  • 5775 Glenridge Drive
  • Suite B-260
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30328
  • Phone: 678-528-2393
  • Website:

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