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Straight Rows Prepare for Harvest

1. Property Manager / Landlord / Real Estate Investor
2. You will hear them discussing issues involving different properties or talking about tenants.
3. What they want initially is to solve tenants problems with roaches, rats, mice, or other pests. Often when a tenant moves out the property manager finds out that the old tenants left behind a roach infestation and needs it fixed fast before the new tenants can move in.
4. When you know that you are talking to a landlord or property manager ask them “Do you ever find things out after a tenant moves out that you didn’t know while they were living there? Like a roach infestation?’ Let them know that you have a great bug guy for them that can fix problems fast and has some of the best prices around.

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    EarlyBird Termite & Pest Control
  • 180 Ashley Woods Drive
  • Newnan, Georgia
  • 30263
  • Phone: 678-873-9448
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