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Heirloom Seeds Ripen Over Time

Health Care Providers are one of my Gate Openers. Two things may have changed:
1.New health studies may change the way they treat their patients.
2.Nutritional support companies come and go. The one they used before may no longer be in business.

One constant in the field of health is that only 11% of the population consumes the recommended 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Juice Plus+ (fruit, vegetable, and berry powders that are encapsulated or made into a soft chewable) simply bridges the gap of what should be eaten and what actually is eaten.

Juice Plus+ has been around for 26 years. It’s NSA certified, even for Olympic athletes. There are now 38 independent published studies showing it enhances the immune system, reduces oxidative and systemic inflammation, plus helps with heart health, dental health, and healthy skin. More studies are underway.

Ask the Health Care Provider if they would like a simple and affordable way for their patients to consume more fruits and vegetables.

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Company Profile

21st Century Whole Food Nutrition –
Raw vine-ripened fruits and vegetables in a capsule.
Tower Garden – Grow Good Health.

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