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I enjoy outdoor adventures (camping, hiking, and backpacking). Cruises are a favorite vacation because I love to travel to exotic destinations.

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The Seed of How (behavior)

My best client is “Bob” (name changed for confidentiality). Bob works as a tradesman. Bob is a great guy with a calm demeanor who is very attentive to his customers and their individual needs. He really cares about customer service and wants the best for his field service team and his customers. He is a very hard worker.

Bob drives an SUV and has a wife with four adult children. He wears an apple watch to track his fitness. He works out at his home gym daily and is working hard to build up his physique. It will help him manage the heavy lifting required by his trade.

Bob started out as a Messenger bee. Once he got comfortable with us and how we work, he began to trust us and upgraded to Mason Bee. Now he’s a Honey Bee.

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Freedom to Focus on Your Goals. As a business owner, your work may be your life – and that could be holding you back. We provide full front and back office support for busy and budding entrepreneurs including phones, scheduling and admin.

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    The Hive Solution, Inc.
  • 3000 Old Alabama Road
  • Suite 119-254
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30022
  • Phone: 678-573-4483
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