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1. A connection that is not good for me is someone looking for auto body work. That is a specialty that we dont have the capacity to do.
2. We will take look at anyone’s vehicle. If it is something we arent able to fix, we will recommend a company that we know has the same quality standards we do.
3. My preferred client is anyone with a vehicle! Truthfully, I enjoy the clients that have had a bad experience at another shop in the past. We put in the time and effort to prove our honesty. That can include leaving the car on the lift so they can see the issue themselves, explaining the repair in detail so they understand what is involved, recommending the right repair whether that is with us or not, coordinating between the dealership and the customer, etc. We are working toward changing the negative opinion of our industry.
4. Auto body repair, tire repair shops, auto parts stores. Basically other specialty companies in the industry that provide a specific service but not general auto repair.

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