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I work with busy, hard-working professionals like you who value sound financial planning. I help my clients manage multiple goals and handle complex financial situations and I can do the same for you.

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  • Phone: 404-983-7813
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  • Introduced by Clay Jeffreys
  • Joined on 11/19/2014

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One of my best/favorite clients came to me when another advisor left the firm. It’s pretty customary that a client will follow the advisor if the relationship is good. However, this client was in his 80’s and wasn’t getting any advise outside what stock or bond to buy. When I reached out and offered to sit down with him and discuss his estate plan, he was thrilled. What was a $400,000 relationship quickly turned into over $2,000,000 once I helped him consolidate accounts he had laying around all over the place. What makes him one of my best clients isn’t just the size of the relationship, it’s that he is a joy to work with and actually appreciates all I do for/with him to make sure his goals are met!

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