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Business and contracts law attorney by day and an amateur boxer at night. I like to participate in Spartan obstacle course races, always ready for the challenge ahead; hence my fight name “The Spartan.” Obstacles are no match for me!

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Pace: Present – The Edges

Most people know I provide a detailed analysis during my legal consultation session. What people do not know is that during that consultation, I play out various hypotheticals for my client. This allows the client to see different scenarios that could pop up unexpectedly and be open to my advice to add more protections in their contracts. The goal is to prepare my client for the unexpected and give them the legal protections needed for when, not if, the legal issue arises.

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Carolyn wants to teach mountain biking. I drafted a detailed waiver form giving her peace of mind that she is covered from any accidents. Spartan Legal clients know they have someone in their corner protecting them in the contract arena.

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