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I have been in the auto repair industry for 24 yrs. I could not see me doing anything else as I love what I do. This is not a job to me it is an adventure, a challange everyday with changing of how cars ar changing. I am ASE certified in

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When I opened Automotive Blessings I was told to get into a networking group from an outside sales person of one of my vendors. I was familiar with BNI but not Power Core. I looked into it and seen a meeting was close to my house, went to the meeting and joined. I have been here now 9 yrs and don’t see an end to it.

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“Service The Way It Should Be”
At Automotive Blessings we pride ourself on fixing your car right the first time. We can do all minor and major repairs, and body and paint repairs. Our specialty is in “check engine light” repairs an

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