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HI! I am an Atlanta native- born and raised in the Highlands who loves to meet people! My family and I are always looking for our next adventure either on a sail boat or exploring a country we haven’t visited before.

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  • Phone: 404-788-2336
  • Team: Virginia Highlands
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  • Joined on 10/11/2017

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Accurate: Increase the Distance

This morning I got a signed agreement via email from a client that has gone back and forth over the past YEAR about being ready to commit to an office. We have tried month to month, three month, heavier duty virtual plans- all my options at a custom level and price. Every other month he is ready, and ever other month he backs down and says he just can’t be committed. Rather than use heavy hardware on him, I just make a point to say hi (leave my office when my girls say he is in) and ask how business is. After 12 month, my long haul potential full time office client just committed to me for a year.

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Peachtree Offices is a Meeting Room, Virtual Office, and Furnished Office provider with 4 Atlanta locations. We are family owned and operated!

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