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After over 22 years in the corporate world as an industrial Engineer, I started a new chapter in entrepreneurship. A rewarding career helping people travel the world.

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Bad News One-on-One

You don’t want or expect changes while you are traveling. However, in this business if feels like the norm. As a travel agent, my responsibility is to stay abreast of any changes or cancellations that may affect my clients. Cancelled flights, hotel construction & cruise ships ramming the docks happen.

Bad news for sure! I quickly ascertain the situation, analyze the options and get in touch with my clients as fast as possible. Direct phone call is the best. I need to communicate the issues, their options and my opinion of the best course of action. This can be a much easier process if the client has opted for travel insurance.
A text message I received said my client has lost their passport somewhere in Greece. A quick phone call to the insurance company and an insurance representative in Greece was soon in contact with my clients helping them through the steps for a replacement even before the Mediterranean cruise was complete.

Stuff happens! A clear and direct communication with reassurance is the standard in which we handle issues when they arise.

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We specialize in personal and group travel to the Caribbean, Mexico & Europe. Our network of travel suppliers ensures you are supported with teams of people during your travels.

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