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What is considered commercial property? ALL real estate that is not a house, condo or townhome. With endless market and property variables, pricing a property or structuring a lease is paramount in directing which way your cash flows.

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In a tenant representation deal for commercial real estate, the commissions to both the Tenant broker and the Landlord broker are *dispensed* by the Landlord. What business owners looking for a new location often don’t realize is that, whether or not they choose to be represented by a broker, they are actually paying the same commission regardless; in the case of foregoing a broker, the full commission would simply all go to the Landlord’s broker.

So, I make sure a potential client understands that, since the same amount in commission is paid irrespective of their decision to use a broker, choosing to have a broker advocate for you to get help navigate through the inner workings of the lease and negotiate the best terms and savings possible up front reaps huge dividends for your business throughout the life of the lease.

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The Simpson Company of Georgia, Inc., is a full-service commercial real estate firm with offices in Atlanta, GA, providing regional market expertise and comprehensive services to all of our clients.

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    The Simpson Company
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