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Several years ago a prospective client came to me with what they thought was a financial plan that they thought would get them to what they considered to be their definition of Financial Freedom. They were at a loss as to why they were not able to save money the way they thought they should. I first asked them to bring me a copy of their monthly budget. The Deer in the Headlight look came across the table and I knew right then and there that they had dreams but no plan and obviously no foundation to achieve those Dreams.

After reviewing their income and spending habits we agreed with a couple recommendations. First was to live within their means, second was to only buy what was absolutely necessary until the light at the end of the tunnel was not an oncoming train, and thirdly was to commit to each other that they had to change their dreams to make them more realistic for now so as to not make the goals unattainable. This couple had over $20,000 in credit card debt with nothing tangible to show for it. They were overpaying for their home and auto insurance and had not taken advantage of their 401K savings plans at work.

I referred them to the P&C insurance agent on the team, who reviewed their policies and made significant changes that saved them hundreds of dollars a year on their premiums with better coverage. I refereed them to the Mortgage person who helped them refi the home and pay off their credit card debt. I referred them to a lawyer that helped them put together a will that they had not taken the time to do, and last but not least I helped them put together a savings plan that allows them to start on their path for Financial Freedom which is different for everyone. A wise man once told me that you have to pay yourself first and that once you are able to do that and understand why you would be able to “Save and Smile” Today this couple has made significant progress but knows that life happens and goals and dreams change but they are grateful for all the help, guidance and understanding everyone I referred them to gave them.

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