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Chris has lived in Atlanta for 22 years. With a law degree and a Masters in Business, Chris is ideally suited to provide legal solutions for your business. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, biking and fly-fishing.


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My best employee is my technology. I use CLIO Grow and CLIO Manage to manage the intake process for my clients, set up appointments, track follow-ups with the client and make sure I am getting the work done on a timely basis. I have a trust legal assistant Carolyn who oversees that process and makes sure the virtual files (many!) and actual paper files (very few!) are organized and easy to find.

After the initial intake call which I handle personally, I “hand-off” the intake process to my software who hands the file back to me right before the first substantive phone call with the client. It’s a streamlined, effective process.

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    The Berney Law Firm
  • 934 Glenwood Ave SE
  • Suite 110
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30316
  • Phone: 404-881-6010
  • Website:

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