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I enjoy technology, sci-fi films, and almost all things football related.

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Mortgages do not really have a range when it comes to price. Rates are determined by the loan program, down payment, credit score, and bond prices on the day locking the rate. There isn’t much flexibility. This said, our fees are in the middle to low end of the spectrum. We are not the lowest. If someone makes enough calls, they will eventually find a lower rate. The question is what do they get with the lower rate. Working with me, they get a dedicated loan officer on their file from start to finish and then after closing as I still answer my phone for clients even after their loan has closed :-). I will also work with my clients after hours, at night, weekends when we need to make sure the work is done. The same can’t be said for call centers. My clients get this without any additional fees or costs.

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Company Profile

My clients look for a lender who is on top of things and keeps them up to date on the progress of their loan. My clients love communication and that is a focus of my business.

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    Dunwoody Mortgage Services
  • 4411 Suwanee Dam Road
  • Suite 555
  • Suwanee, GA
  • 30024
  • Phone: 678-730-1063 ext. 153
  • Website:

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