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I enjoy technology, sci-fi films, and almost all things football related.

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Progress: Pass On – After

With home loans, once we hit the closing, typically people do not need another mortgage for a few years. I still keep in touch because clients will get stuff in the mail that is junk mail, but also important items too. My follow ups with clients include:
– reminder about junk mail because of their newly recorded deed being public record.
– annual mortgage reviews where I look at their rate, current appraisal value, current loan terms and suggest what may OR may not be a good idea to consider
– monthly blog updates talking about latest trends/topics in the mortgage world
– birthday card
– holiday card
Because of the steady contact, I often have clients come to me asking for referrals down the road, and they come back to me for future mortgages.

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Company Profile

My clients look for a lender who is on top of things and keeps them up to date on the progress of their loan. My clients love communication and that is a focus of my business.

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    Dunwoody Mortgage Services
  • 4411 Suwanee Dam Road
  • Suite 555
  • Suwanee, GA
  • 30024
  • Phone: 678-730-1063 ext. 153
  • Website:

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