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Originally from Paris, France, I am now home in Stone Mountain, GA by way of L.A. where my husband and I met sword-fighting. Nature, a fire place, friends and healthy food are simple pleasures for a enriching life which brings me great joy.

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Row Markers Predict Harvest

Mary’s daughter, Jennifer, is getting married in 4 weeks. Both are nervous, excited and stressed out. They’ve been doing their best to look their best.

But Jennifer is annoyed by consistent break outs and Mary’s dark spots got worse with the summer’s sun. The only quick solution they think of is a VERY expensive trip to a spa for a micro-needling treatment.

NOX is a revolutionary skin care. It is a mix of Nitric Oxide naturally present in our body, and CBD from hemp. The results are visible withing 24 hours. 4 weeks usage and the skin hasn’t looked, been or felt that healthy in years. Both feel confident and beautiful. They know they’ll look radiant on the wedding pictures.

Pre-sale available now.

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When inflamed, bodies and brains can’t work properly. With pain, the mood change. For the person suffering and their relatives, happiness is harder to reach . High-end quality CBD and CBG hemp oil, helps attenuate the “dis-ease”.

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