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I love crossword puzzles, craft beers, wedding cake, and of course, photography! I’m obsessed with my rescue pups, Brutus and Lola. I overuse exclamation points and my superpower is finding four-leaf clovers!!

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My family portrait pricing is on the higher end, but of course what a client ultimately spends is based on what they buy.

My average sale is about $1,250. I recently had a client who purchased a handful of digital images and a large canvas wrap – she spent around $850. Another client purchased a few digitals, some small prints, a large metal print and medium sized framed print – he spent about $1,750. A 3rd client purchased digitals, a few metal prints, and an album – she spent $2,500.

High quality printed products, over 12 years of full-time photography experience, and personal and professional help from me through the entire process all set me apart from lower priced photographers. I do not simply show up to take photos and deliver all of the photos electronically. Everything is done with the client’s personality and style in mind.

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My client wants a photographer who is both experienced and fun. She wants an expert to capture her family’s personality and deliver completed artwork to display in her home as well as digital images to share with friends and family.

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