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Raised in California, I usually wear Hawaiian shirts, hey, I’m part Hawaiian! although you can’t tell it from my photo. I chose Marietta because it had the family environment I remembered from my youth. Both sons are married, my daughter

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  • Phone: 678-386-5766
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Bill Sterrett
  • Joined on 05/12/2006

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My next 7 Minute Presentation will be on “Transition to Medicare”. Business Attorneys and Estate Attorneys need to know what options are available for their clients. Quality, affordable health insurance is essential before they will be ready to make a change. My services are free and will empower their clients in their next chapter of life.

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Family and Relationships are critical to me. I value clients who feel like I do. I represent all the major health insurance companies, but I work for my client. They want choice and the best value and I deliver, they also want to know how t

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    Cushingham Insurance Sales
  • 2273 Ravenwood Trail
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30066
  • Phone: 770-516-8827
  • Fax: 770-516-8827

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