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A creative thinker and efficiency addict; I listen to books on CD and speak Spanish/Portuguese. I enjoy the challenge of tennis and chess. I love puzzles; I’m always trying to rearrange the little pieces to make the big picture better.

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  • Phone: 770-639-0086
  • Team: 30305 – Buckhead
  • Introduced by Roger Winslett
  • Joined on 06/16/2008

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Technologists are know for using TLA’s; three letter acronyms and speaking in ways people don’t understand. We teach our staff to speak in plain English and use everyday analogies like filling a filing cabinet or pulling a container off a shelf for explaining how technology works. We follow this up by documenting what we do in our online customer service system that every customer can log into at their leisure and review. We then send an e-mail copy of the info to them.

This way our customers have a good understanding of what happened, how it was addressed and if they need to review later, they have an easy way to do so.

This helps everyone customer, staff and vendor alike stay abreast of issues we’ve touched for our customers.

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Company Profile

My clients want to do more with what they already have. They don’t always have the latest and greatest technology but they need to work smarter. I help them make better use of technology to drive the business results they are seeking.

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    Emerald Data Networks, Inc.
  • 5064 Roswell Road
  • Suite B102
  • Sandy Springs, Ga
  • 30342
  • Phone: 678-302-3000
  • Website: http://www.emeralddata.net/
  • Fax: 678-302-3001

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