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Living a DREAM LIFE!! Built a 1,100 agent sales force. Specialty is developing successful money making leaders. Always looking for great people!!

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The Seed of Their Result

Unfortunately allot of times people people don’t take action unless something dramatic happens. That was the case with Leslie and Steve. I received a call from Leslie that her mom (age 58) had just passed. Her mom has been a client of ours for years and has always told Leslie and Steve that they should meet with me. We had spoke several times but they never made it a priority.

When she called, I listened as she told the story of her moms passing and she asked what she needed to do for the life insurance policy? I explained the death claim process and took care of everything for her. Within 24 hours of receiving the death certificate Primerica cut the check. After we paid the death claim for her mom and several weeks had passed taking care of everything they were ready to meet.

We met and customized a program for their family and got their family properly protected with life insurance. Now they have piece of mind. They were so thankful I was patient and professional throughout the whole process.

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