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I have been involved in the Real Estate business for 38 years and joined REMAX in 1996. Wife Nancy and I celebrated our 38th anniversary this past May. We have two children who graduated from UGA. Both are married and live nearby.

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Being in residential real estate, I have a lot of opportunities to connect people. I realized that the area of “invitations” I am best at, is connecting those people. Often I will suggest that a client work with one of my referral partners and they respond . . . “I already have someone” . . . I confidently reply that “Your person is NOT as good as my person” . . . I don’t let it go until they agree to my “invitation” to have a conversation with my contact.

David Arnold
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Buyers make 101 decisions when they choose a home. Each decision is functional, financial or emotional. My job is keeping these balanced so my clients choose a home that meets their needs, fits their budget, and makes them happy.

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